Epoxy Pool Coating


Ultra Poly One Coat is a hybrid epoxy coating engineered specifically to provide better adhesion and chemical resistance on most surfaces.

Because its adhesive strength is higher, Ultra Poly One Coat can be applied to smooth surfaces such as metal and fiberglass, and even previously painted or coated surfaces.  The high bonding strength means you don’t need to sandblast or etch most surfaces to get a long-lasting bond.

Ultra Poly One Coat has extreme chemical resistance.  It was originally made for chemical holding tanks and will withstand a wide range of chemical attack.

Ultra Poly One Coat does not shrink as it cures.  It won’t pull at the substrate, causing peeling and delamination.  This makes it useful as a crack-filling compound also.

Though many standard epoxy coatings are brittle, Ultra Poly One Coat has a degree of flexibility that allows it to retain adhesion through movement and freeze/thaw cycles.