Pool Repair

If you’re a contractor with customers pressing you for fast, lasting pool repairs, Ultra Poly One Coat pool paint and polymer coating have you covered. Our unique formula can handle the toughest pool repair problems:

  • Saves Time
    A faster process means your customer’s site won’t be shut down for long, and your job turnover rate is faster, increasing profits. The minimal application process can be completed in three days: Simply pressure wash, dry, coat, and allow one day to cure.
  • Reduces Prep
    No testing, sandblasting, acid etching, re-plastering, or primer required. Ultra Poly One Coat even fills hairline cracks and small holes without pre-filling and has no thickness restrictions.
  • Long Lasting
    Originally engineered to withstand chemicals in storage tanks in the harshest environments, our pool paint is flexible to provide your customers long lasting durability. It withstands exposure and freeze/thaw cycles, remaining smooth without chalking or blistering. The pre-applied product even has a shelf life of four years.
  • Versatile
    Ultra Poly One Coat pool paint comes in a variety of colors that leave a smooth, professional appearance that resists fading on any surface, including indoor and outdoor plaster, gunite, marcite, green concrete, fiberglass, quartz aggregate, and previously painted pools, from residences to water parks.
  • Protects the Environment
    This green coating is VOC and odor free. It is so safe, customer or guest safety is not affected in any way during application—even in indoor environments, no venting is required. It is nonhazardous to ship and requires no hazardous waste disposal following use: Just air dry and dispose of with recyclable metals.

Backed by Industry-Leading Customer Service
We welcome questions from licensed distributors and contractors, and can easily provide you with any practical and technical information you may need for your project, from safety data sheets (SDS) to the more detailed features and benefits of this one-of-a-kind product. Are you an interested home or business owner? Be sure to ask your contractor or refinisher to specify Ultra Poly One Coat for the completion of your pool repair project.

Ready to take advantage of the latest in pool repair technology? Contact us to learn more about Ultra Poly One Coat pool paint and polymer coating today.